Quality Truck Center now represents Hevi Corp electric loaders and mid size excavators

Quality Truck Center continues to selectively move ahead. We are very excited to share we are moving into the off road equipment industry.
We are now representing Hevi Corp with a line of 100% electric loaders and mid size excavator.
Of all the EV work we have done over the last few years, this one we can show you clear ROI and how your operating costs are reduced utilizing the Hevi brand. Please reach out as we will be scheduling, on your site demos between now and December.


We imagine a world where the industrial sector emits zero emissions.

That’s why we set out to be the first US company to fully electrify their heavy equipment range.

Though electrification is slowly gaining support globally through the sales of EVs, we’ve noticed that industries like Construction, Waste Management, and Agriculture are lacking in sustainable, emissions-free equipment options. That’s why we’re taking the first pioneering steps towards complete industrial electrification. Unlike our competitors, however, we have leveraged our manufacturing systems to produce the first commercially-available electric heavy equipment in the United States.

Our innovative manufacturing capability, technology and expertise make HEVI the dependable choice, delivering precision and power at scale. Not only do HEVI machines have the power, functionality, and reliability required by heavy industrial work, they’re all-electric.

We invite you to become a trailblazer and help electrify industry in America.