Quality Truck Center is now a full-service Dealer distributor representing SEA Electric

Effective March 2022, Quality Truck Center, based in New Jersey is now a full-service Dealer distributor representing SEA Electric.

We could choose to meekly participate in the EV market and sell vehicles like many other dealers however, we strive to have a measurable and meaningful impact. The best way to do that is to invest and be partnered directly at the source. SEA Electric is a global leader in EV technology, and we are very proud to be USA Dealer #001!

In addition to the current Sea Electric line of Vehicles we will be partnered developing a class 8 refuse vehicle and EV school bus applications and offering re-power options for existing diesel power vehicles. This relationship with SEA Electric will be key to us expanding into a national dealer footprint.
-Kevin Clifford CEO Quality Truck Center

About SEA Electric

Global e-Mobility technology company SEA Electric was founded in Australia in 2012 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, creating its proprietary electric power-system technology (known as SEA-Drive®) for the world’s urban delivery and distribution fleets.
SEA Electric launched in 2017 and has since released several medium and heavy duty commercial electric vehicles including delivery trucks, garbage trucks, tipper trucks, tilt tray trucks, reefer trucks, cherry picker trucks, shuttle buses, cargo vans and passenger vans. SEA Electric’s power-system known as the SEA-Drive® is adaptable to most OEM glider chassis from Class 3 to Class 8.

Widely recognized as a market leader in the electrification of commercial vehicles on a global basis, SEA Electric has a global presence, with collectively more than one million miles of independently OEM-tested and in-service international operation.
SEA Electric has deployed over 200 all-electric vehicles to date and has over one million miles of telematics data to prove their world class total-cost-of-ownership for the SEA-Drive® power-system. In the next five years SEA Electric predicts their zero-emissions commercial vehicles would have eliminated over 2.5 billion pounds of CO2 emissions.